Volkswagen cheating hearing date pushed further in a hope to get better solution

Reports said U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer on Tuesday postponed a court hearing set for Wednesday on Volkswagen AG’s plan to address 80,000 polluting Audi, Porsche and VW 3.0-liter vehicles.

In a court filing on Tuesday, Breyer said talks are ongoing between the German automaker, regulators and lawyers on behalf of owners, and he gave a date of Dec. 16 hearing, saying he had been guided that a postponement “may produce a resolution of the outstanding issues.”

Meanwhile It was reported earlier this month that VW had finally settled an agreement with U.S. regulators for a mix of buybacks and repairs for the 80,000 vehicles, but there are still remaining issues needed to be resolved comprising compensation for owners.

The reported settlement includes a buyback offer for about 20,000 older Audi and VW SUVs and a software repair for 60,000 newer Porsche, Audi and VW cars and SUVs.

VW vowed in summer to spend up to $10.03 billion and offered to buy back 475,000 2.0-liter cars and offer recompense of $5,100 to $10,000 per owner. VW started buying back cars last week.

Volkswagen has reportedly made development in the talks with lawyers on behalf of the owners of the vehicles in recent days but has not reached any solid conclusion.

VW’s 2.0-liter diesel cars have cheat software that let them to dodge emissions rules in testing and produce up to 40 times the legally acceptable emissions during normal driving. The 3.0-liter cars have an implicit secondary emissions system that let them to emit up to nine times permissible limits.

Furthermore Car-making giant has already planned to invest up to $16.5 billion to date to resolve U.S. diesel emissions cheating accusations. It may face billions more in penalties to decide a U.S. Justice Department investigation.

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