Air carriers are barring to take Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the flights

Following the red-hot issues of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 catching fire, all the major airline in the world are putting bans on carrying the company’s top of the line smartphones in the flights.

All the airlines in Australia, Asia and Europe put the phone on a prohibited list over the last week or so, followed by the US ban on the device to take them on the flight. Almost all of the airlines going to the US certainly had to follow suit, but the bans are increasing worldwide.

Moreover to several flag carriers taking action, Air Berlin, Dragonair and Virgin Australia now have bans. Another carrier Qantas and its discount carrier Jetstar said in a statement: “The ban applies to devices being carried onto the aircraft, in carry-on baggage as well as check-in luggage.”

Another Australian carrier Virgin announced the similar sort of statement, but also said that passengers were “strongly advised” not to carry the Note 7 phone to airports.

Meanwhile Air Berlin has barred the phones with immediate effect. Another German competitor Lufthansa has a ban on flights to the US, but is reportedly planning to impose the restriction across all flights quickly.

Another major carrier Singapore Airlines said on its Facebook page that “the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will be prohibited from being brought on board all our flights in person, in carry-on baggage or checked-in baggage with effect from 16 October”.

Last month Samsung recalled around 2.5 million phones following complaints of blowing batteries. Even the announce the replacement devices and also insisted that all the new devices were safe. But that claim was proven wrong as there were reports that those phones were also catching fire. After all the Samsung last week came out and said that it would stop making Galaxy Note 7.

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