Rumors of Apple investment in Formula 1 team are False: McLaren

Latest reports said that Formula 1 team owner McLaren completely denied a rumor that Apple is looking to invest in the supercar maker.

Talks were reported by the famous publication recently. But a spokesperson of McLaren said: “We can confirm that McLaren is not in discussion with Apple in respect of any potential investment.” Nevertheless, the Company “regularly” has “confidential conversations with a wide range of parties”, he added.

The publication even said that a possible deal would see iPhone-maker pay close to $2 billion for McLaren, or make an investment for part of it, citing sources it said had been briefed on negotiations. Report further said Apple was attracted in speeding up its own car projects.

Apple targeting McLaren doesn’t make much sense. It’s hard to see why the tech giant would want control of a Formula 1 team, or what interest it might have in the supercars built by McLaren Automotive.

However a more probable target is McLaren Applied Technologies, a sister business to the other two. Part of what it does is data analytics. During Formula 1 races, McLaren uses computers to model pretty much any scenario that might occur, so that the team can adapt its strategy on a continuous basis. This kind of demonstration can be utilized in other scenarios too, such as to forecast how traffic will flow through a typical city centre, and how problems in one area might have knock-on effects miles away.

That is no more a top-secret in Silicon Valley that Apple is creating a car; it’s broadly believed the company is keen to become a leader in the market for driverless vehicles.


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