New belt from Samsung will tell if you are fat

It is called WELT, and it does not have any moral problems with telling you the truth. So, beware fatties, Samsung new gadgets is ready to tell you something you probably already know.

Smart-belt will come to the stores this January. And if will measure your waistline right after the Christmas holidays. So, thank you, Samsung.

This device has already crossed all possible targets on the Kickstarter, so in January it will be shipped to anyone who wanted it so badly.

This miracle-belt will not only tell you the girth of your waist but also will measure the time that you were sitting and the time you walked.

WELT has already gathered 30 000 dollars line on Kickstarter and will be at your home in January 2017.

Creative Lab from Samsung has made few wearables since its debut this year. The new campaign on Kickstarter that started in August has already gathered 41 000 dollars.

So, what does this word “WELT” mean? It is two words, actually – wellness and belt. It focuses on your waistline and uses it as the main symbol of your health. It can combine the functions of an ordinary belt, and also with the help of magnetic sensors inside it, calculate your steps and tell you how fit you are by measuring the waistline.

It was created to help people stay healthy, choosing the healthy lifestyle, walking a lot, eating fruits and vegetables instead of fast food.

It is connected with your smartphone and sends all data there.

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