Fed is keeping silence while Wall Street is frozen

It looks like Fed’s representatives cannot agree with each other, and simply confuse investors with different opinions about raise of interest rates.

At the same time, Stanley Fisher, who is well-known to us, as the Vice President of Fed believes that it is possible that Fed is going to raise the rate in September. It is a very bold statement from Fisher after many Fed’s workers suggested in their official statements that they will look for the hike not earlier than December. Some of them believe that it is better to keep everything unchanged.

Today Fisher will give another interview in front of the journalists.

At the same time the probability of hike was increased by analysts at 44 percent, investors do not believe in it. They give 36 percent to the chance that Fed will raise interest rates in September.

Another, not so good news for the USA market is that there is a gossip that already was spread among Wall-Street brokers that the new official reports about payrolls in August will not meet the expectations. This information can give another excuse for the Fed not to raise interest rates in September, as far as the high level of payrolls was the main reason to increase it.

Wall Street’s index Dow Jones went up with 0.58 percent increase this Monday. At the same time, S&P also showed high results and jumped 0.52 percent up, while NASDAQ gained only 0.26 percent.

The situation at the market lowered down due to the uncertainty of officials.

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