European stocks are down as Fed is giving investors new hope

While the representatives of Fed give more clues for investors about the hike of interest rates, European shares continue to fall down.

Right after the victory, Alstom showed a slower trend.

The main European index STOXX 600 lost its 0.2 percent this Monday. It gave away its previous record gain, earned during the last session.

As far in the UK markets were closed due to the holiday, the activity with the stocks went down.

Last Friday, at the annual meeting of all central bankers representatives from all across the world which provided by the Fed, the head of Federal Reserve Janet Yellen confirmed that there are a lot of reasons for them to raise the interest rates. And at the same time, she didn’t give any hints whether it will be in the nearest future, in September, or at the end of the year.

Her words later were confirmed by Stanley Fischer, vice president of Fed, who said that there are good chances to change the interest rate this year.

After the official jobs data was released later on Friday, economists received more clues to predict the perfect time for the rate hike. And now the chances to receive the increased rates are getting bigger, and already reached 33 percent. Last week it was only 18 percent.

Still, some investors do not believe that and think that Fed will not raise the rates during this year, even though they assured that it will happen until the end of the year.

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