Dollar fell down against the yen

As for the real “natural” interest rate, it was closed with almost zero number, and according to the predictions of economists, it will rise during the next autumn decade at 1 percent, not more.

At the official statement, it was said that if these predictions will come true, then the policy that was made to watch for the rise of natural rate will show very convenient step-by-step normalization of the rate from federal funds. So, it is the most optimistic prognosis so far.

Dollar was restrained by the Treasury yields’ retreat at the start of the week. So it stood steel on the mark of 95.754 towards the basket of the six main world currencies. The previous highest sum for dollar was 95.834 and it held up during two weeks.

American currency falls down against Japanese yen as well. It costs 102.15 yen now, and its previous peak was 102.39. Euro is recovering from the constant swinging after the Brexit referendum. Right now it costs 1.1171 dollars.

Meanwhile, national currency of the Asian countries is climbing up, due to the new speculations of the possible easing policy from the national banks in the nearest future.

And at the oil markets, the futures are steadied after losing 1 percent yesterday. The main concern is still an oversupply, and the forecasts for the crude American stockpiles went up 1.3 million more barrels during the last week.

Today the futures of Brent oil increased by 17 cents and were sold for 49.43 per barrel, while WTI gained 21 cents and kept 47.19 for one barrel.

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