Asian shares are slightly climbing up

This Tuesday stocks from Asia jumped up, while the dollar is restrained by speculations whether Fed is going to raise the interest rates in September.

Investors are trying to find the safe havens somewhere else in the world, hoping for new stimulus from governments.

As for the broadest Asian-Pacific index outside Japan, MSCI shares gained 0.5 percent and partly recouped the loss they had this Monday. South Korean stocks also showed an increase by 0.4 percent, and left behind Australian stocks, that climbed up by 0.3 percent.

German DAX 30 and French CAC 40 were up as well. Meanwhile, futures for EMini at S&P 500 didn’t change its position.

As for the Japanese index Nikkei, it was flat, while the yen has stopped its fall. Last week Japanese national currency went down and lost its straight position towards the dollar.

Last week Japanese government has published an official data about the level of unemployment in the country, and also about sales. The information hit the forecasts of analysts. However, it did not change the hopes that National Bank of Japan will have to provide a policy of easing.

The uncertainty on the market of the USA can help Japanese shares to climb up. Representatives of Fed simply do not know if they will be able to agree about the possible rate increase. The head of the Fed Yellen Janet during her press conference on Friday told to journalists that there are a lot of pros to raise the rates. Still, she was not so sure about the future.

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